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• 1 tablespoon of gelatin (12 g)

• 2 tablespoons of cold water (30 ml)

• 1 can of condensed milk (395 g)

• 1 cup (tea) of milk (240 ml)

• 1 glass of coconut milk (200 ml)

• 2 egg yolks


Method of preparation:

Set aside a mold with a hole in the middle, with a capacity of 1.5 liters, to place the pudding.

Add gelatin to cold water, let sit for 5 minutes.

Blend the condensed milk, milk, egg yolks and coconut milk in a blender until everything is well mixed. Transfer it to a pan and heat over low heat, stirring constantly; cook until it boils.

Place the gelatin in the hot cream and mix until completely dissolved.

Pour the mixture into the mold wet with water. Refrigerate for 3 hours,

or until it acquires a firm consistency.

Serve unmolded and decorated with coconut shavings or grated coconut.

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