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The members of SAGMA are committed to ethics, corporate, social and environmental responsibilities.  With this guiding principle, every member is committed to uphold our core values in every step of the supply chain and contractual agreements.


Corporate Social Reponsibility:


To uphold the ethics of social, economical and environmental values, SAGMA strictly prohibits the practice of slave, childhood and forced labor.  We also prohibit corporate corruptions, and delinquency of contractual obligations.




The SAGMA believes and appreciate environmental preservation at the individual, organizational, and governmental level, in benefit of all human beings and the environment.  Under this principle, SAGMA strictly prohibits the practice of illegal logging, adulteration of Indian Reservations.  Offenders will be subjected to immediate termination of contracts. 




SAGMA is committed to uphold all the stated principles and ethical guidelines. Beginning with its members, and their respective supply chain.  We will work with each and every supplier to ensure compliance of our quality, security, corporate and environmental responsibilities. 

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