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Collagen is a protein that’s present in the human body, it supports and maintains cellular functions.  It’s a scleroprotein composed of peptide chains containing 1,050 amino acids.  Its structure is formed by three of the chains, which are interlaced to  form a triple helices.  The triple helices are interlaced together to form collagen fibrils.  These fibrils intersect with each other, stabilizing and composing a three-dimensional net, forming an water insoluble structure.


Hydrolyzed collagen is a dietary supplement that stimulates the production, and restoration of the collagens in the human body.  It combats the negative side effects of protein deficiency.  Collagens can also supplement and restore skin beauty by increasing cutaneous strength.  In terms of bone health, it provides joint lubricity, prevention of osteoporosis and reduce wrinkles.  In addition, it is used in weight management by providing proteins that are low in fat and sugar.





Collagen is a natural protein and one of the most essential body components.  Food and Nutritional supplements fortified with collagen are important to maintain overall health and wellbeing.  This ingredient can be found in natural supplements, dietetic products, beverages, and many products that strive to offer additional protein in its formulation.



Collagen is an important nutrient to bone health.  Healthy bones are responsible for our body’s biomechanical properties, which allow us to perform various motor functions.  Hydrolyzed collagen promotes bone health by preventing Osteoporosis.  By adding daily collagen doses in food supplements, sports drinks, gummies, and functional foods, it can slow down the process of bone deterioration and improve the quality of life. 




With life expectancy on the rise, people are living longer, brittle joints become a major problem.  Especially with ex-athletes, elderly, and people struggline with obesity.  Through daily consumption of collagens in functional foods, dietary supplement, sachets, RTD beverages and sports drinks, it will improve the quality of life for people suffering from joint pains.


When combined with vitamins and minerals, collagen can combat inflammation and help in rebuilding of cartilage, and therefore improving mobility.

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The collagen replacement it is necessary to the body and can be done through eating and healthy practices.

Research proving that diary hydrolyzed collagen eating brings benefits to the skin, as improvements in the hydration and elasticity, avoiding the appearance wrinkles.

It is essential to replenish the collagen in the human body, and this can be achieved through consumption and making healthy choices.  Scientific research has shown that daily collagen intake contributes to overall skin health by improving hydration and elasticity and reduces wrinkles.  With improved elasticity, stretch marks from cellulite and be better managed.  Skincare products encourages collagen production, which reduces flaccidity in aging skin with low levels of collagen. Supplementing collagen with vitamins A, C, E and zinc will further delay the aging process.

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