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SAGMA, Gelatin manufacturers of South America Association is a civil association, non-profit organization, based in South America. Established on November 27th, 1995.  The association has it headquarter in Brasília, Brazil’s Federal District, and representation in Argentina.  The Directive Group of SAGMA, is elected for a period of two years, governed by a re-election process.  The regular meetings, with a defined schedule, are held twice a year, in each member’s respective country.  During special circumstances, the board has the ability to conduct additional meetings to address the need.  To the specific jobs that require specialists of the gelatin industries, there will be formed committees, with the affiliated members of the association.


Current Administration

President – Valdemir Simões Mello

VIP – Vinicius Vanzella de Souza

Executive Secretary – Catia Macedo

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