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Collagen peptides: supporting a healthy lifestyle or ineffective hype?

Updated: May 9

GROW Roundtable “Do collagen peptides support a healthy lifestyle or are they just hype with no proven effect?”

Living healthily has become a megatrend in the twenty-first century, shaping consumers’ habits and all areas of everyday life. The demands of an aging society and the desire to be mobile and live an active life up to old age has led to a greater awareness of and demand for value-added nutritional foods.

But how are these demands related to the hype around collagen peptides?

Collagen peptides have become more and more popular in recent years due to a wide range of benefits in many different areas of application. All benefits and applications come together under a common denominator: a healthy life. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, increasing mobility and physical performance as well as supporting a youthful skin is what collagen peptides are known for. But despite scientific evidence of collagen peptides’ positive effect on joint, bone and muscular health, some people still dispute the effect of collagen peptides.

At GROW’s virtual roundtable, industry experts from all over the world will discuss opportunities and challenges of the collagen trend for both consumers and the health and nutrition industry by answering the question: Do collagen peptides support a healthy lifestyle or are they just hype with no proven effect?

It is an opportunity for GROW to bring together its members, scientists, and experts on trends and to talk about the role of collagen peptides in an aging society that increasingly desires a healthy and mobile lifestyle.

These experts from around the world and from different industries and backgrounds will participate:

• Nick Deschuyffeleer, Director of Regulatory Affairs Health &

Nutrition at Rousselot, represents GROW as an expert on collagen peptides and regulations that govern them.

• Clare Otridge works an Account Director at England Marketing. With her expert knowledge on market research, she tells us about the current collagen peptide trend and research results on collagen peptides.

• Yasuto Fujita is the CEO of ITG Marketing agency Integrate Co Ltd. in Japan. He is an expert on consumer demand and trends with a special focus on the Asian market and the uniqueness of collagen peptide applications there.

• Keith Baar is a professor at the University of California, Davis, in the department of Physiology and Membrane Biology. He specializes in scientific research on muscles, joints and bones so he can point out the connection between the technical and the medical influence of collagen peptides on the human body.

• Jerk Langer is a doctor and author from Denmark. He is an expert on clinical collagen use in conjunction with lifestyle intervention. In his book he writes recipes for a healthy diet.

• Stefan Gates will lead the discussion as the event’s moderator. He is a TV presenter at the BBC and an author.

Watch the virtual roundtable on June 30, 2022, at 4 p.m. (CEST) live here on LinkedIn and on our website.

About GROW:

GROW – Gelatin Representatives of the World – is a joint working group of the four regional gelatin associations – with the goal to communicate the benefits of gelatin as they relate to safety, nutrition, health and sustainability. The four regional associations that comprise GROW - GMAP (Asia/Pacific), GME (Europe), GMIA (North America) and SAGMA (South America) – strive to strengthen dialog amongst themselves to ensure safe, natural, and reliable products.



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