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The raw materials are obtained from animal sources, traced and inspected according to the strictest sanitary rules and requirements in force, both nationally and internationally.

Quality of the produced goods


The manufacturers of edible and pharmaceutical gelatin, members of SAGMA, are following the legislation in force in each country, producing high-quality gelatin for human consumption. All of them have ISO certification.

From the choice of raw materials, bovine and porcine skin scraps, to the dry and ground gelatin, Quality Control is permanently present in all steps of the production process. The manufacturers have Quality Systems that, when applied to all sectors, guarantee the necessary and appropriate procedures to obtain highly qualified gelatin for all applications.

Gelatin - a food - is used as an ingredient in other food products, as well as in pharmaceutical products aimed at improving people's health. Aware of this fact, the gelatin industry invests high amounts annually to ensure and further improve quality, meeting the requirements of our customers and the high expectations of consumers.


Food safety 


In the manufacture of gelatin for human consumption, the safety of the final product is of paramount importance. All industry efforts are focused on adapting equipment, as well as conditioning the work environment - building, floor, light, temperature, sterile zones, water, air, etc. Frequent checks are made to eliminate risk factors that could contaminate the product during the production process. All factories have adhered to GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice, a self-imposed standard that, when correctly applied, offers greater safety for the final product.

The continuous adaptation of the industry to the requirements of governments around the world regarding food safety, as well as the obligation to offer healthy and safe gelatin for human consumption, promote high investments and expenses in equipment, research, and controls by manufacturers.

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