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SAGMA gives its opinion on chromium limits in Brazil

SAGMA responded in Brazil to public consultation no. 55 of 18.11.2011 before ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency). The consultation refers to the proposed Resolution that establishes the maximum tolerated limits of chromium and copper in foods and drinks.

Regarding the chromium limit, SAGMA suggested a new wording of the text to better understand that the food object of the public consultation is not the ingredient “gelatin”, but gelatin desserts and powders for preparing desserts ready-to-eat gelatin. In the SAGMA proposal, it suggested a limit of 10 mg/kg.

In support of the SAGMA proposal, it cited several sources such as:

1. In the United States of America, chromium is a substance considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for use in beverages.

2. The European Union in resolution (EC) no. 853/2004 establishes a maximum limit of 10 ppm of chromium for gelatin and collagen.

3. The European Pharmacopoeia also establishes a maximum limit of 10 ppm for gelatin.

4. The Food Chemicals Code of the United States of America sets a maximum limit of 10 ppm for gelatin.

5. GMC/Mercosul legislation No. 12/2011 does not establish a chromium limit for foods.

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